Thursday, November 20, 2008

New Soaps!

Hi everyone. I have been pretty busy this week. Things are starting to pick up. I wonder if everyone is starting their Holiday shopping?! Well, I have managed to make 2 NEW SOAPS this week. The 3rd one I'll reveal next week.
My New Soaps are called:
Bossa Nova* a delightfully fresh combination of fruity blackberries, a shimmer of tart sliced lemon, and the sultry smell of sweet musk with a rumour of vanilla, for one delicious kicky combo that's neither too sweet, nor too musky. The tartness of the blackberries and lemon is mellowed out with a light vanilla and a sweet musky note that gives this fragrance oil a more complex dry down.

Bacchus* is an enigmatic and stimulating fragrance that exudes vigorous masculinity. Earthy and faintly smokey cade wood haromonizes with crisp white willow, dry lichen moss, tart wine, spicy white peppercorn, and a finish of delicate green apple and white rose. Bacchus is a unique and complex unisex fragrance.

I'll have them in my Etsy shop and my website in the next day or so. I will also making these available in Body Mists, Body Butter and roll on perfumes!

Well, stay posted! Hope all is well with all of you! Talk soon!

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