Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday Monday Monday!

Hi everyone! Well, Monday didn't go quite as planned, but that is ok! I usually clean my house on Mondays...didn't get done today!! My husband was off work today and with him home it just throws me know what I mean? To top that off he is off again tomorrow because of Veterans Day, but I'm hoping to be more productive tomorrow. I worked all weekend on orders and a wholesale order.
My kids had dentist appointments after school...NO CAVITIES!! YAY! My youngest son lost his front tooth on Sunday. He was super excited for the Tooth Fairy to come;) He couldn't wait to get to school and show his teacher! I bet she was thrilled!!
Well, I'll check in tomorrow. I plan on making a few new soaps in the next coming weeks. Here is a hint Lemon and blackberry(but not together).
Don't forget the monthly discount I'm offering for November. Check the post below. Have a great week everyone!!

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